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Israel Pilgrimage: September 2-11


Once you’ve seen the Land of the Bible with your own eyes, you’ll never read the Bible the same way again.  It’s like going from black and white to color!  Stories start making sense as you learn about the local customs and locations behind them.  Cross the Sea of Galilee in a boat.  Renew your baptism in the Jordan.  Celebrate Communion beside the famed Garden Tomb.  You'll even get a chance to float in the Dead Sea after exploring King Herod's Desert Fortress:  Masada.  


Rev. Dr. Jeff Gibelius has studied in Israel on several occasions and has led dozens of people deeper in their faith through travel to the Holy Land.  He loves to teach about the history, geography, and spirituality of the land. 

Hananiah Pinto has led thousands of people on devotional tours of Israel over three decades.  He has been featured on the Discovery Channel especially for his expertise in crucifixion and burial practices in ancient Israel.  A native of Brazil, Hananiah lived in Israel for thirty years before settling in Georgia.  He is Jewish with a heart for Jesus.  You'll love his humor and sense of reverence for the land and the people. 

His recently published book: "Jesus' Last Night with His Disciples, a Study of the First Century Historical and Archaeological Setting of the Last Supper" will provide many insights into our journey to Israel.

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