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Our Approach:


Intentional: We will always be brave enough to ask 'Is this the most effective way to accomplish our mission?'


Invitation: We each have responsibility for finding ways to share God's love with our friends


Included: able, disabled, straight, gay,... You get the idea. Everyone means EVERYONE.


Inter-generational Interaction: We believe the church is only the church when all generations are celebrated.


We want to do whatever it takes to reach the next generation for Jesus Christ. That's why we give every child every chance to experience God. 

JAM (Jesus and Me)

Sunday, 9am-10am

JAM is our Sunday morning ministry that provides children with opportunities for fellowship, worship, and faith growth within the Second Church family. When children enter into our Glory's Edge space at 9am we welcome them with music, our host then kicks off with our theme for the morning and helps children build relationships with each other through a game. We then have a storyteller who engages the children in the mornings Bible lesson, and close with small groups. Our music minister Michelle Trefren introduces all sorts of ways to worship through dance, song, and instruments. All children are welcome to join us on Sunday mornings. 


Second Presbyterian Church also provides events and activities for children and families to spend time growing in their relationship together and with God outside of Sunday morning JAM. We have service opportunities as well as fellowship movie nights, and many opportunities to drink hot chocolate together. 


Check out our Events Calendar to see what opportunities we have for families of children to serve, learn, and play together. 


We are raising up the next generation of Christian leaders for our families, our community, and our world. That’s why you’ll hear our mission for youth all the time at Second- We want to give every youth every chance to experience God. Youth at Second experience God through teaching, worship, youth group, overnights, mission trips, and other special events. 

Our Youth Ministry is filled with exciting pop-up ministry events for our middle and high school youth. We open our youth program up to 5th graders through graduating seniors. During our big Church seasons like Advent, Lent, Christmas and Easter we have pop-up Second Breakfasts at 9am on Sunday mornings. These times together are focused on fellowship, food, faith practices and servanthood. Our Youth Ministry also has pop-up events each month, some strictly fellowship, and many focused on community service to our local brothers and sisters who are struggling to make ends meet in this season of their life. 


All of the events and breakfasts that we host revolve around showing youth that the church is a safe place to grow in their faith together.  Each week is different and new and an opportunity to get to know each other and God in new and creative ways. 

Check out our Events Calendar to see what opportunities we have for families of youth to serve, learn, and play together.

Second Family Fellowship

At Second Presbyterian Church we believe it is important to provide opportunities for families to serve together as disciples of Christ. From scavenger hunts at Target for toiletry kits for PW Cares, to serving breakfast to those experiencing food insecurity in Carlisle we believe it is important to be Christs love in the community together. 

Children & Youth Worship Leadership

We hope that you have noticed how we have begun to engage young people in worship. We feel as a ministry that in order for our young disciples to really grow in their faith, we need to provide them opportunities to own their faith. We believe this starts with infants. Children and youth are not the church of tomorrow but the church of today, so in the next few months you may see some changes in our sanctuary, and you may see more young people in Sunday morning worship reading scripture or playing with their worship bags in the service. We hope that you will join us in welcoming and encouraging our young people as the church of today and not just tomorrow. 

Children & Youth Music

Thursdays 4:30-5:30

Join us as we prepare music for worship with singing and instrumentals! 
Email Director of Music Ministry, Michelle Trefren at to participate.

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