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Secrets in the Sand

What Ancient Rocks and Columns Tell us About Saint Paul, the First Christ-followers, and You

Thursdays, 11 am - 12 pm

In person or Zoom, Starting September 22


Travel back in time with Rev. Dr. Jeff Gibelius to follow St Paul on his missionary journeys in Turkey and Greece.  Discover what 2000 year-old ruins reveal about why the Good News of Jesus Christ spread so quickly among people who weren’t even looking for a Messiah. No homework and each week stands on its own.  Downloadable resources each week on Can't attend Thursdays at 11am? Learn from the weekly recordings.
Each class session will include photos and videos of the ancient site today, a review of its Biblical significance, and most importantly, why it matters to us today.
Some sessions will incorporate a video from Ray Vander Laan and the “That the World May Know” series of studies on the world of the Bible.

Most classes cannot be shared on our website due to copyrights of the DVDs shared in the class. Contact Vicki Lantz at if you need class recordings. Handouts from each class will be available below.

Fall Schedule:

9/22 – Orientation to Greece and Turkey, the “Cradle of Christianity.”  

9/29 Damascus,  Antioch Pisidia,  Antioch Syria. 

10/6 Philippi  and  Neapolis (Thrace)

10/13 Philippi

10/20 Philippi

10/27 Thessaloniki

11/3  Athens 

11/10 Athens

11/17  Athens

12/1 Delphi 

12/8  Corinth

12/15   Bonus Week 

Secrets in the Sand Week 1
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