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During the Islamic month of Ramadan, Muslims around the world fast from sunup to sundown.  They break their fast with an evening prayer service and celebratory  “Iftar” meal.  We have been invited to “break bread” with our Muslim neighbors in the spirit of bridge-building.  We’ll also learn more about the practices of the Muslim community.  This invitation is quite an honor for our congregation.

The Iftar meal is at BICC, 648 Alexander Spring Rd., Carlisle.  Please arrange your own transportation. Dr. Gibelius will be in attendance to greet you at 7pm.

The evening is completely free;  we will be guests of our Bosnian Muslim hosts. Children are welcome, too.  

Please sign-up by clicking the button to the left by April 20 so that our hosts know how many people to plan to feed.


Need to change or cancel your sign-up? No problem. Just email Vicki Lantz:

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