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One Carlisle Potlucks


small groups of people from diverse backgrounds will safely share homemade foods while discussing questions designed to help participants to understand and appreciate their commonalities and differences.


  • Basic: participants will leave with a greater appreciation for cultural differences and a better understanding of commonalities.

  • Stretch: some participants from different cultural backgrounds will have so enjoyed each other during the meal that they will exchange contact information with one another.

Next Potluck:

March 26

5:30 pm

Second Church

Our First Potluck will include invited guests from:

  • Bosnian Islamic Cultural Center: Entree or Dessert

  • Hibner Memorial Bibleway Church: Entree or Side

  • Second Church: Side/Salad/Bread or Dessert


Each group has been assigned an Entree, Side, Salad or Dessert. Basic table linens, flatware, plates, etc. will be provided by Second Church. Please bring a typical food (fully-cooked and ready-to-eat) and serving utensils from your community/culture – enough for 7-9 people.  Homemade is best, if possible. We will gather in small groups of 7-9 diners with no more than 4 people of any specific faith/cultural group. Small group meals will be eaten unmasked in separate rooms for COVID safety and noise. Each group will have at least one host who will facilitate discussion during the meal. At the end of the meal we will gather in one large room (masked) for a short reflection.

All guests must pre-register to ensure a diverse set of diners in each dinner group of 7-9. Second Church members can register themselves by clicking the button below.

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