Mission Work

Second Pres PW is most famous for the semi-annual Whale of A Sale each year in April and October. PW, with the help of a huge group of volunteers from the church and outside of the church, raise $7000 to $9000 in just two sales each year. We pack the rotunda (the big round room) with items donated by members and open to the public for a day of deals!

In addition to the Whale of a Sale, PW receives an offering from women in the church in the early part of each year. This offering includes the Thank Offering and the Birthday Offering, support to local missions that support women and children, and support of Presbytery mission projects.

The Thank Offering

Funds projects that meet the needs of people who are aging, disabled, homeless or displaced, as well as children, youth and women, through educational, health, peace, and justice programs. Forty percent of this offering is used to support hospitals and community health programs. The remaining 60 percent is used for new creative ideas for mission. The Birthday Offering is a special offering collected in the spring of each year to celebrate the blessings in the lives of Presbyterian Women. No giving guidelines are suggested other than “give as you are blessed.” The offering funds up to five specific projects worldwide.


There are two “Seekers Circles,” which are groups of women who gather in a member’s home each month for fellowship, scripture study, and lunch. They may be studying a chapter of the Bible or a book related to the scriptures. Seekers Circles often help with baked goods needed for the Whale of A Sale and/or church receptions.
In November, come along on the Awesome Autumn Women’s Weekend Away. Watch for more information and the registration for this great weekend retreat.

Women’s Sunday – this worship service in the spring is entirely led by the women of the church.

The PW Board of Second Presbyterian Church meets on the first Tuesday of each month. You are invited to any and all meetings!